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Granite Countertops Lafayette IN

Granite countertops have become the most desirable choice for homeowners remodeling kitchens in Lafayette IN mainly because granite is a very durable and natural material used in home decoration. All of your cutlery, cookware, and kitchen knives can be used on granite countertops without the fear of hurting and scratching the surface.

Granite Countertop Benefits

  • Granite countertops depreciate minimally in value
  • Natural surface creates luminous look. Very durable.
  • Granite adds value to your kitchen or bath
  • Bacterial contamination is minimal with granite as it is very sanitary
  • Granite can take the heat of a hot pan.
  • Granite is easy to clean and maintain once installed


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Kitchen granite countertops are created in nature and are one of the most durable and popular countertop choices for homeowners when used in their kitchens and baths. The term granite comes from the Latin word grannum which means grain. Each granite countertop is unique in nature and no two slabs are alike. Over the last 10 years, granite has become the #1 choice because of the array of color choices, from shades of whites to blacks, browns, reds, greens, blues, and blacks. The two most popular granite colors are brown and beige. As well as being a resilient surface, granite can take on hot pans and hot items like grease and oil if the granite is sealed with a silicone top coat. Lastly, granite can add a personality to a kitchen that no other material can present.

Home builders and kitchen re-modelers near Lafayette IN have experienced a huge boom in the demand for kitchens with granite. Although it is more expensive to put in granite countertops, they remain the top choice for more upscale homes since the investment will keep its value one it is time to sell.

The investment into granite countertops can pay you back as much as three times the cost of what you have invested. If you are selling your home, you will find that home buyers wanting kitchen granite countertops will be willing to pay more for the home than if you had ceramic tile or some type of laminate.

Planning For Granite Countertops

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If you decide to purchase granite for your kitchen, there is some planning you must go through before installation. Planning out your granite countertop involves selecting the right color choice. Most granite tones are neutral but you might find that a certain color choice goes well for your kitchen design. If you are replacing the old countertop in your kitchen make sure diagram all the countertop measurements for the installer. Creating an accurate measurement is extremely important especially around cabinets and corners.

Since you are using a superior product like granite, you may consider getting a new sink to go with your new kitchen granite countertop. Under mount stainless steel sinks are very popular due to their clean lines and design appeal. In addition to getting the right kind of sink installed, it is also important to select the just the right faucet to go with the sink. A stainless steel faucet would go well with the looks of a rich kitchen granite countertop.

When planning your kitchen or bath remodel, keep in mind that the color choice is very important not only to you but the new home buyer when it comes time to sell. It is best to

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