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It is imperative that before you start shopping for new kitchen cabinets in Lafayette IN that you have a well designed plan of action in front of you. A good piece of advice is to write down your goals and priorities of your kitchen before diving into kitchen cabinet design. You should also have a very clear vision of what your kitchen will look like with space and storage laid out according to your needs.

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Kitchen Cabinetry Considerations

  • How long do you plan on staying in your home?
  • Will my improvements give me back an ROI? Are there other similar homes with similar improvements in my neighborhood?
  • What type of kitchen layout do you plan on using?
  • What is your kitchen cabinetry budget?
  • What are the exact measurements of your appliances for the new design?
  • What color choices will work in the new room?

Planning & Designing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is an integral part of your home design and will play as a significant component when measuring the value of your home. Although Lafayette IN cabinets are very important, there is more to consider than just price, cabinet style, and material selection. From the very small remodels to the very large, every kitchen project can be costly and time consuming if you don't take the necessary steps to plan ahead. Take a look at these steps to help you through the buying process of kitchen cabinets in Lafayette IN.

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You will want to make sure that any improvement to your home will increase the value, so its important to choose improvements that are consistent with other homes in you area. You will also want to consider the length of time you are going to stay in the home after the cabinetry is installed. It might be worth it to install a superior cabinet even if you won't get the ROI back because you will have many years to enjoy the new design.


This boils down to your budget and the limitations you will have on buying materials. If your space just needs a simple face lift then replacing door faces or adding a fresh coat of paint may go a long way. But if you are faced with cabinetry that needs repair or is rotting away, then you will want to invest in new kitchen cabinetry right away.


Your kitchen is one of the most practical and and convenient work areas in your household. Before you choose a new look, make sure you start with a very accurate floor plan of the existing space with all architectural dimensions noted. Location of present utilities, such as electricity, water and sewer connections are also important to document, especially if the remodel involves spatial reconfiguration.


Create a rough sketch of your kitchen layout arranging the appliances in the most efficient way. A convenient path from the three most used appliances is crucial(sink, range, refrigerator). This is known as the work triangle.

Modern kitchen design has been pushing the envelope in kitchen cabinets creating larger more open work areas. However, the basic configurations remain the same and the fundamentals need to be considered when doing this yourself. It is advisable to hire an experienced kitchen cabinet installer like Vision Floors & More to establish the most effective plan of action for your new kitchen cabinets here in Lafayette IN.

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