Holiday Kitchens

Holiday Kitchens is a leading manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets. We are passionate about quality cabinets, beautiful kitchens and the environment.


Our phenomenal growth hasn’t altered our core mission, values or vision:

  • Providing exceptional custom cabinet craftsmanship 
  • Offering diverse cabinetry designs that suit the way people live in their kitchens 
  • Presenting customers with quality, durability and value in their elegant custom cabinetry 
  • Keeping customer service as the priority of every crafted design, process and finish 
  • Respecting our employees and their goals, and recognizing their achievements 
  • Working to preserve our community and the environment



Holiday Kitchens:

At Holiday Kitchens, quality doesn't simply mean exceptional materials and craftsmanship. It means creating kitchen cabinetry tailored to the needs and desires of the customer. Whether you prefer the warm comfort of traditional kitchens, the sleek lines and rich tones of today's European-style kitchens, or the personality of mixed colors and textures in the eclectic kitchens, Holiday Kitchens' custom cabinet designs are always modeled on the way you live.