• Oct 21, 2014
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7 Simple Holiday Entertaining Tips

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As the weather cools and the holidays draw near, do you find your head spinning with plans for guests, parties and dinner? In addition to coordinating schedules, sending invites, and choosing menus, you also need to make sure your home is ready for the extra stress that that entertaining brings. Use these tips and tricks to make your holiday entertaining just as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests.

1. Scope out seating.


When your guests arrive, will they be comfortable in your home? No one wants to stand all the time. Look for ways to add additional seating to your home without pulling out the folding chairs. Some good options are piece that have another purpose. A large ottoman may serve as a coffee table most of the time but during a party, it could seat several guests who need a place to relax. Storage benches are a great place to store extra blankets or non-holiday décor. And don’t forget the floor. Floor pillows are a great option for family gatherings to give little ones a soft place to sit when the adults take up the other seating.

2. Deep clean now.


Don’t wait until your guests are on their way to wonder if your home is clean enough. Before you decorate, take care of any deep cleaning your home may need – wash windows, have your carpets professionally cleaned, launder window treatments and wipe down walls. A fresh, clean slate will make holiday decorating and preparing for guests much less stressful. Plus, you’ll know your home will be its best when the guests arrive.

Click for a full carpet stain removal chart. Or, download our Stain First Aid App.

3. Inventory your china.

Dinner Plates for Guests

Whether you’re planning a big dinner, cocktail party, or small gathering, you’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate dishes on hand. Don’t wait until the day before your party to realize you don’t have enough martini glasses for that signature drink. If you find your cabinets are a little short, don’t worry, you can still serve your guests in style without breaking the bank. Consider borrowing what you need from friends and family – mismatched dishes and glassware can be super chic if you stick to similar styles and colors. Renting is also an option if you want a perfect match but it’s a busy time of year so reserve early.

4. Be prepared for stains.


Arm yourself with knowledge  of stain removal by downloading Carpet One Floor & Home’s Stain First Aid App on your phone or table.

When you have extra people and lots of food and drink, there’s bound to be a spill or two. Get your stain emergency kit ready now and you’ll be able to tackle those stains like a pro. Put together an easy-to-grab basket with items such as white paper towels a spray bottle of water, white vinegar, a quality carpet cleaner and a mild detergent.

5. Prepare a good defense.


Looking to purchase a welcome mat like this one? Learn how. 

Having extra people in your home leads to extra dirt. Prepare a good defense by taking a look at your entryways. Do you have entryway mats to trap dirt? Do you have coat racks to hang your guests’ coats and bags? Want to ask your guests to take their shoes off? Ok, then make sure you have some slippers, socks or other footwear to offer them.

6. Rearrange with guests in mind.


Rearranging furnishings, lighting and even area rugs can make your home more party-ready.  Look to create conversation areas, clear walkways and provide ample locations to put down a drink or a plate. Avoid tripping hazards like low tables and make sure that rugs are held firmly in place or moved to locations that will have less traffic.

7. Update your look.


Pictured Above: American Expressions Vinyl from Carpet One Floor & Home.

Impress your guests with some simple updates to your home décor. A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to update your décor but there are many easy updates that you can easily make for the holiday season. Swap out accessories for ones with seasonal colors. For longer lasting accessories go with warm fall and winter colors but avoid anything specific to a particular holiday. Warm up a living room or guest room with a new area rug. And don’t forget to swap out some older photos for newer ones of family and friends you’ll be entertaining. Nothing makes your guests feel at home like being surrounded by your shared memories.


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